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6.5 inch Renewable Fiber (Paper) Forks (200 Packs), PFAS, Bleach Free, BPI Certified, Compostable

6.5 inch Renewable Fiber (Paper) Forks (200 Packs), PFAS, Bleach Free, BPI Certified, Compostable

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  • Upscale and Sustainable: These aren’t your typical single use plates, bowls, and utensils they're an upscale symbol of eco-conscious living. Made from recycled bagasse and bamboo, these plastic-free items embody sustainability. With no trees harmed, we turn sugar cane leftovers into durable, renewable tableware. They're a testament to our shared commitment to the environment and a greener future
  • PFAS Free and Unbleached: We prioritize cleanliness and health in every aspect. Our forks are meticulously crafted to be PFAS-free, without any plastic or wax coatings, ensuring the safety of your family and the wellbeing of the environment. By choosing our tableware, you're not only demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability but also safeguarding your family's health. The natural brown color of our products comes from avoiding bleach, embracing a more natural, green aesthetic, and making a healthier choice for everyone.
  • Heavy Duty and Versatile: Don't overlook the strength of these eco-friendly champions. Our forks outperform standard disposable paper or plastic ones by being four times stronger. Resistant to oil, sogginess, bending, and knife cuts, they're versatile for all dining needs. Microwave-safe, they're suited for both hot and cold foods. Whether in natural brown or classic white, our plates, trays, and bowls gracefully handle the messiest of foods and soups. They maintain their integrity without breaking, wobbling, bending, or soaking through, making every meal a sustainable experience.
  • Compostable and Renewable: These BPI-certified, 100% compostable products are far from landfill-bound. Crafted from the waste of sugarcane after sugar extraction, they showcase renewable innovation. In a commercial compost facility, they return to nature in just 90 days. Zero waste, maximum impact! Our packaging uses recycled paper and certified by FSC


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