Studies indicate that 40 million tons of electronic waste are created every year, with 85% of all e-waste going to landfills.  (Source: The World Counts)

Green Pursuit answers the consumer who wants to do better by offering a consumer recycling program that lets “e-waste” continue on in the circular economy, eventually becoming a new product again.

  • Green Pursuit will accept any of our power banks, wall chargers, or cables as electronics waste. We will also accept other brands' e-waste. 
  • Both YOU and the PLANET benefit. Upon receipt of your e-waste, a coupon will be issued for 50% off a new product with free shipping across our entire site. 

To ensure your tech doesn’t become landfill waste, you only need to follow these simple steps.  

1. Fill out our online form specifying what you will be recycling. 

2. You will receive an email with a unique recycling number.

3. Send us your e-waste (wall chargers, power banks, or cables), with the assigned recycling number. 

4. Upon receipt, we will send you a one-time use coupon code for 50% off Green Pursuit products with free shipping.

The collected e-waste is then returned to our manufacturing facilities to be processed, recycled, and made into new products. You, the circular economy, and our planet all win! 

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