Our vision is to be a company that leads a global movement to reduce virgin plastics in consumer goods. We aim to use post-consumer recycled plastics,  (PCR), Plastic substitutes, Renewable materials and lower-impact practices across the value chain to produce a more sustainable alternative to the consumer products we use every day while maximizing a quality user experience.

We believe that transforming the materials used in the consumer goods is necessary to face some of humankind’s most significant environmental challenges.

Our pledge is to make the circular economy a reality for the everyday consumer. We want to answer the consumer whose growing concerns for the environment have started to drive a real shift in behavioral change around consumer purchase choices.

Consumer goods is one of the biggest drivers of environmental impact. Consumers want sustainable choices and the ability to participate in a circular economy. Green Pursuit offers both.

  • By lessening the environmental impact of consumer products by using post-consumer recycled materials.

  • By acting responsibly in creating a post-consumer recycling program for consumers goods waste that allows consumers to engage in a circular economy.

  • By using renewable materials to replace single-use plastics, we can reduce carbon emissions and prevent them from being stored in landfills for thousands of years.

  • By reducing our overall impact across the logistics chain with a smaller, lighter and sustainable packaging design.